Cerámica Ribesalbes

We are proud to present the two main highlights of Ceramica Ribesalbes’ range of products: its porous and vitrified tile collections. 

The tile collections stand out for their light and colour, from the plain or mottled tiles to the marble-effect or patterned ones. It is also easy to see that they are made of the finest of materials. The tiles cover a wide range of formats and textures, from rustic or caramel-coloured tiles to ones with gentle or clear-cut designs. Our porous and vitrified tiles have a handcrafted finish, thus ensuring unbeatable quality: a permanent hallmark of Ribesalbes’ products. 

From warm interiors, where the porous and vitrified tiles create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere, to exteriors exposed to the elements where our outdoor floor tiles remain unaffected. Ceramic Ribesables’ tile collections offer an extensive range of possibilities.

Ceramica Ribesalbes’ porous and vitrified tiles offer a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and careful craftsmanship.